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TMJ Treatment

A properly aligned bite can make all the difference in how you face each day. The pain caused by TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) can result in debilitating migraine headaches, stiffness and soreness in the neck and shoulders and clicking or popping sounds of the jaw. Many people have suffered for years from these symptoms without any relief.

Dr. Shabo's extended training and education in the advances made in treating TMJ is changing his patients' lives. This advanced dental treatment is relieving their pain by giving them back the full and healthy function of an optimally positioned bite.

"Many who had unsuccessfully tried to find relief from pain in the past had begun to feel that it was just something with which they would have to live. But as soon as we start treatment and they experience real relief from their symptoms for the first time, they feel like they have a new lease on life." -Chattanooga Dentist, Dr. Drew Shabo, DDS

Pain free at last! Isn't it about time?

TMJ Treatment


Relief From Pain

Compassionate dentist, Dr. Shabo takes the treatment of pain seriously. Using the latest in diagnostic equipment makes it possible to get to the root causes of TMJ symptoms and pain and then, correct them so that his patients can experience lasting relief.

The TENS unit is an electronically stimulated muscle relaxer, which de-programs the muscles from their pain contracted state and allows them to relax into the proper bite position. Once the ideal bite position has been achieved, impressions are made by the dentist and used to custom-create an orthotic device. This is a virtually invisible mouth tray that fits over the bottom teeth and is designed to help train the teeth and jaw into the proper bite position. Many times our patients experience instant relief with this treatment and the effects only get better with time.

A fixed orthotic may be used to establish the vertical bite before any cosmetic restoration work is done. This places the teeth in the correct position to ensure successful, long-lasting restorations by the dentist; protecting against any of the wear or breakage caused by misalignment, thereby protecting your investment.

Dr. Shabo can show you how easily a pain free life can be yours once again.


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